About Uncle Joe – and why Uncle Joe Radio?

Uncle Joe Radio is my ‘hub’ for sharing eCommerce information with the world.  It is a growing – and overdue – set of changes to my previous site.  The site may change dramatically, as my interest in the mechanics of the place come and go.  I’m always looking to make things work better and easier, so I don’t expect you’ll see anything too crazy going on.

Audio and Video Content

One of the things you’ll notice right away is a mixture of types of content.  You’ll find things I’ve written, things recorded in audio, and full-blown videos.  There’s also some webinar content in the grab-bag, too.   To explain that, I’ll just have to tell you that I’m comfortable in all those mediums, so I use the one that “feels right” to me.   Some things need more explaining than is practical to write, or is a quick phone conversation or interview with a knowledgeable source: those get recorded audio.  Some topics require visuals, so these get a video presentation.  Whatever my time and interest allow me to do, I’ll use the best means to get the point across.

They call me “Uncle Joe”

I’m known everywhere by the nickname “Uncle Joe” (which is a story for another time).  I am a disabled fellow in my mid-40s, spending most of my time living a quiet life at home.  My health challenges present an interesting situation: how does someone unable to sit down and perform start-to-finish linear work ever get anything done?  Answer: enjoy a virtual lifestyle online, where gaps in time aren’t such a big deal.  My “boss” won’t fire me for playing on the Internet off and on throughout the day!  (She did make me get her her own computer, though!) 

I have enjoyed a more positive state by helping other folks improve their online sales skills.  There’s little to be gained by sitting around bored or becoming a quiz-taking fanatic on Facebook.  (Besides, I already know what my “stripper name” is!)  So I occupy my time helping other people that are trying to make their own situation a little better.

My advice is free, and worth every darn penny, too!

My mission is simply stated: help others succeed by helping them help themselves to success.  Maybe they’ll learn a new business concept, or a new way of looking at something.  Maybe they’ll just see the clouds of doubt lift so that they know it’s not only possible to try, but to succeed!   You know, maybe they’ll just be entertained by my silly nonsense for a little while and have a better day.   It’s all good.

My efforts to help others in the online selling community were recognized by eBay when I was inducted into their Community Hall of Fame.  I am one of a very few eBay Certified Education Specialists in the country, a Top-rated Seller, etc. and I make it my business to understand eBay top-to-bottom.   Hey – I have time on my hands, I told you!

Before all that, there was something else

My background is in sales, computer network design, and mass communications (photography, broadcasting, journalism, public relations).  Add all that in a blender, and you’ll understand why I’m comfortable in my own world of online selling.  It’s been said that I was raised in a laboratory, created in a petri dish, with eCommerce skills gene-spliced into my DNA.  I scoff at any such notion, though I do get birthday cards from Phizer Pharmaceuticals and Dow Chemical.  I know, weird, right?

I make my home in Oklahoma City, OK.  I’m married to a wonderful person, Cindy, who has been my other joy in this whacky journey of life.  Accompanying us are two cats, two cockatiels, and a bunch of great friends and online acquaintances.  If you’re passing through town, you’re welcome to stop by the laboratory and help me and Pinkie try to take over the world! – or maybe have a cup of coffee or something.  Until we meet at the crossroads, you’re welcome to join us whenever you like…  right here on Uncle Joe Radio.