A Friend’s Passing

March 28, 2014

My heart hurts today. I lost a friend of nearly 19 years tonight. It’s difficult to be home bound, and having a source of such great joy and love around to ease the loneliness, to hug when the pain seems too great, provides a comfort that little can match. I could go on and on […]


eBay Ditches DSRs as Yardstick, Announces Other Changes

March 11, 2014

Big things to look for with eBay SR1 2014 are SELLER STANDARDS, which:  Combine with a change in DSRs to create the “DEFECT RATE”, helping avoid the one-shot kill  the “Hassle-Free Returns” wording and other messaging being placed visibly in listings, which tie into the “ITEM CONDITION POLICY FOR RETURNS”  a new option announced that […]


Shoot It Like It’s a Crime Scene – They Could Be Snacking!

January 22, 2013

Cop shows are all the rage here. we say, “Shoot it like it’s a crime scene; write it like you’re the only witness.” We’re going to have to deal with description writing with brevity-importance or brief up top, detail down below, as mobile devices continue to encroach on shopping behaviors. The rapid rise in “snacking” […]


Outright releases interesting infographic on 1099-K

March 13, 2012

The folks over at Outright continue to pour out good information for small sellers. The latest is an “infographic” full of interesting nuggets about the new 1099-K form. Click here for the full post at Outright.com.


Tamebay Guide Features Services, Includes Uncle Joe Radio

February 8, 2012

There’s a new honkin’ guide full of eBay and eCom info from UK eBay blogs-alot master, Chris Dawson of Tamebay.com. It’s not just all about the UK, though – Tamebay included me and some of my projects (education through Uncle Joe Radio and informational podcasting with RRB Radio). You’ll recognize other names from our side […]


Kabbage Awards UJ “Tallest Thinking Cap” Oscar Award

January 27, 2012

Oscar Season is upon us, and the fine folks over at Kabbage caught the fever recently, awarding me their gold statue for “Tallest Thinking Cap.” In their fun article, they cite my pointy-headedness in the win “for always having his eye on the future of ecommerce.” I actually do enjoy trying to look ahead to […]


EOL September II: The Return of Uncle Joe

September 1, 2011

I was cleaning up and updating the blog software and such when I ran across this little piece I’d written months ago. A lot of water has passed under the bridge, but I thought I should put this in place so that I could remember what this point in time was like for me. I’ll […]


Cranky Corner: Suggested Reply to Upset Customer over Shipping Quote Error

May 28, 2011

This was a suggested response to a customer who was upset that the shipping cost displayed by her eBay invoice was 3X the cost shown by the item page on a multple purchase. (Honor the first shipping price, you fraud, or cancel my order!)    Dear Customer, I apologize for the problem you noticed with the shipping price […]


“Free Shipping” Gets Automatic 5 Star DSR on eBay

August 24, 2010

The eBay feedback DSR for Shipping & Handling is automatically getting 5 Star ratings if the Seller offered FREE SHIPPING, according to alert reader SimplyMyBusiness. I was able to test and verify this myself later in the evening, though it isn’t clear that it’s anything other than a trial run. When leaving feedback the Buyer […]


First Three Words Not Key to eBay Search

August 22, 2010

Not long ago, somebody got it all figured out: the key to being found on eBay search was the first three words in a title. Only these first three keywords, it was explained, were used to determine if the search the Buyer entered was a match to the item. Like other “kinda-sorta-maybe” things that find […]